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December 21, 2016

7 Things Baby Boomers Should Consider When Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance

getting long term care

As baby boomers prepare for retirement, many have a vague feeling that they’d do well to insure themselves against the potentially disastrous cost of long term care. But when they start delving into the details of long term care insurance—perhaps by conducting research on the Internet—they find the subject to be unpleasantly complex, confusing, and downright mysterious. But understanding and weighing your many options need not be a drawn-out and harrowing experience. Here are seven simple points to bear in mind that can serve as a compass as you navigate the various plans and policies currently available.
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August 1, 2008

“RHAs” and “IHAs”: Phony health care coverage for future retirees

Rep. John "Randy" Kuhl (R-NY) is keenly aware of the health care crisis facing future retirees. As corporations eliminate health care coverage for retirees, many people on fixed incomes are forced to choose between food and medicine. But his proposed means for dealing with the problem—tax-favored accounts similar to IRAs that allow people to save for future expenses—offers only a tiny band-aid, not a real solution. What is needed is real insurance with no ifs, ands, or buts.
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