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Is Your Insurance Money Safe?

Apr 06, 2017

For many future retirees, life insurance is an important component of retirement planning. Policies that build cash value, such as whole life and variable universal life policies, can be tapped for additional retirement funds if necessary. The recent debacles with the stock market and other securities have many wondering: is my money safe in an […]

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Retirement Investors: Beware the Inflation “Whipsaw Effect” of the Stimulus Package

Mar 11, 2017

Right now, the last thing most investors are worried about is inflation. The price of almost everything, from real estate to stocks to mutual funds, is going down. If you want to get more for your money, all you have to do is sit back and wait until even better bargains come along. In other […]

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7 Things Baby Boomers Should Consider When Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance

Dec 21, 2016

As baby boomers prepare for retirement, many have a vague feeling that they’d do well to insure themselves against the potentially disastrous cost of long term care. But when they start delving into the details of long term care insurance—perhaps by conducting research on the Internet—they find the subject to be unpleasantly complex, confusing, and […]

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Wondering Where to Retire? Consider Costa Rica

Dec 10, 2016

For many, the dream of retirement in a warm paradise in the sun seems far out of reach. But Costa Rica offers countless Americans, Europeans, and Canadians (among others) the chance to retire in a beautiful, tropical climate; and unlike many other overseas destinations, this small, stable Central American country is both affordable and relatively […]

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How to Integrate Your Life Insurance Program Into Your Retirement Program

Dec 04, 2008


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